Japan’s Hidden Gems: Off the Beaten Track Tour Package

When people think of visiting Japan, images of busy streets of Tokyo, crowded temples of Kyoto, and cherry blossoms instantly come to mind. However, Japan has so much more to offer beyond these popular tourist attractions. If you are a traveler looking for an experience beyond the typical tourist itinerary, Japan’s Hidden Gems: Off the Beaten Track japan tour package might be just what you have been searching for. In this blog post, we explore the hidden treasures of Japan that will be included in this unique tour package.

Shodoshima Island: Located in the Seto Inland Sea, Shodoshima Island is Japan’s second-smallest island and a paradise for olive lovers. The island’s olive trees were introduced in the early 1900s and have since become a major agricultural product. The island has stunning beaches, hiking trails, and hot springs, making it a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts. The traditional soy sauce factory and the Japanese-style garden in the middle of an olive grove are other attractions worth visiting on the island.

Hida Takayama: Hida Takayama is a picturesque town nestled in the Japanese Alps. The town is famous for its beautifully preserved traditional buildings, sake breweries, and delicious Hida beef. The town’s charm lies in its ability to transport visitors back in time, offering a taste of Japan’s rich historical legacy and cultural heritage. Visitors can explore the old town’s narrow streets, visit the unique Hida Folk Village outdoor museum, or hike in the nearby mountains.

Kawagoe: Known as “Little Edo,” Kawagoe is a city in Saitama Prefecture that has preserved its Edo Period (1603-1868) atmosphere. Visitors can explore the old town’s charming streets lined with traditional wooden buildings and sample the city’s famous sweet potato snacks. The Kawagoe Festival, held in October, is one of the city’s biggest attractions, with elaborately decorated festival floats parading through the streets.

Naoshima Island: Naoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea is a Mecca for contemporary art enthusiasts. The island boasts several world-class art museums, including the Chichu Art Museum, the Lee Ufan Museum, and the Benesse House Museum. The museums’ architecture blends seamlessly with the surrounding nature, creating a truly unique artistic experience. Visitors can also explore the island’s beautiful beaches and colorful fishing villages, making Naoshima Island a well-rounded destination.

Yakushima Island: Yakushima Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning natural beauty and lush forests. The island’s ancient cryptomeria trees, some of which are over 1,000 years old, have become a symbol of Japanese nature. Visitors can hike in the island’s interior, visit the stunning ShirataniUnsuikyo ravine, soak in the island’s hot springs, and watch the sea turtles nesting on the island’s beaches.

Conclusion: Japan’s Hidden Gems: Off the Beaten Track Tour Package offers a unique opportunity to explore Japan’s lesser-known but equally fascinating destinations. From the lush forests of Yakushima Island to the contemporary art museums of Naoshima Island, this tour package showcases Japan’s diversity and cultural richness. If you are looking for a travel experience beyond the usual tourist itinerary, we highly recommend considering Japan’s Hidden Gems tour package.