Enjoy Summer in Los Angeles With These 10 Exciting Activities For Adults

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Los Angeles is a place known for its sunshine and golden sands. Summer in the city is a special time where not only the beaches but the streets come alive too, hosting a number of events and experiences like no other place in California. No matter where your interests lay, there is certainly to be something for you. As the summer approaches once more, here are 10 of the most exciting activities for adults to inspire your season!

Sky Diving

There are a number of ways to see Los Angeles but few are as exhilarating as from thousands of feet in the air. Sky diving is considered by many to be one of the most exciting experiences of their life and, when overlooking the pacific ocean and California’s landscapes, it’s easy to imagine why.

Escape To Catalina

Only a short boat ride from Long Beach is Santa Catalina Island. Despite this small distance, it feels worlds away and its beaches come alive during the summer, filled with entertainment and public events. If you book ahead, there are a number of places to stay on the island too, allowing visitors to enjoy a number of nights by the sea.


To spend a summer in LA and not experience the waves seems like a crime. The coast is known for its superb beaches and reliable breaks, with LA being home to many of the state’s finest. And, if you don’t own your own board, there are plenty of rental opportunities and surfing clubs to help you get started.


The adrenaline of the waves, however, is not for everyone and those who want to enjoy the water without the fast pace are more likely to enjoy paddleboarding instead. A benefit of stand-up paddleboarding is that the activity isn’t limited to the ocean and, with a number of great water sports spots in LA, paddleboarders can experience local lakes and rivers too.

See A TED Talk

The TED brand is now ubiquitous, being associated with the celebration of knowledge and culture. With events across California, there are also a number held in Los Angeles too, meaning that visitors and locals can experience them first-hand for a small price.

Go Camping 

The city center is only a short trip from some of the state’s most stunning hiking routes and camping spots. So, if you’re tired of the city’s energy, consider packing a bag and heading into the hills to surround yourself with nature and sleep under the stars.

Hot Air Balloon

During the summer season, a number of opportunities to take to the air become available. One of the relaxing is a hot air balloon ride, giving you the chance to soar across the state’s vineyards and stunning landscapes. 

Luxury Boat Tour

The coast of Los Angeles also offers the opportunity for a luxurious experience, with yachts hosting tours, private dinners, and even opportunities for lavish parties too.

Yoga Retreat

Yoga culture is at its height in the city. But, if you’re willing to leave your local class, you will find a number of retreats among the city’s hills and mountains. Private retreats can last anywhere from a day to weeks, giving you everything you need to achieve wellness.

Explore The Trails

Getting in touch with the state’s history is easy when returning to the original trails upon which it was founded. A number of conservation institutes and ranches offer trail experiences, allowing you to take a horse and venture out into the landscapes as the original explorer once would have done.

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