Fun things to do in Toronto 

Travel is again around the brink, and you can start planning your dream tour provided you are vaccinated. Plan your trip by Cathay Pacific and book your tickets and Hull taxis to the best of your convenience.  While there are many places to visit and eat, we recommend activities that could add a fun factor while exploring the city. 

  • Niagara falls from Toronto:  You can visit Niagara Falls from Toronto, a Hornblower tour available from April to November. Have a graceful lunch at the side of the falls where the water goes over the drop. You can walk around the surroundings like the Skylon towers, surrounding casinos and have a photography tour of the same. Cherish the time around the best wonders of the world.
  • Aerial tours of Toronto:  Take the exhilarating trip of a helicopter tour of Toronto with an eight-person capacity. You will get a rare bird’s eye view of Lake Ontario and other views of Toronto. You can get views of the top landmarks like Rogers Centre, CN Towers, and Toronto Islands. The pilot’s views can offer you multiple angles. Enjoy breathtaking views from the highest view. 
  • Dog sledding and snowshoeing: You may take full advantage of the heavy snowfall and a 12-hour tour to the Sundridge. The whole day excursion would be a great escape from the busy life and comfortable transportation.  You will cherish the enchanting snowshoeing, dog sledding, and snow tubing along the private trails. You will take a break from the hustle-bustle of the city and warm up with the weather. Hire winter clothes in case you have appropriate ones.
  • Museum of illusions: Your entry to the museum of illusions would let you go to almost 100 mind-bending rooms that include holograms, vortex tunnels, 3D puzzle rooms, and many more to add to the bucket list of fun things. The incidents would challenge your perception, and you will take photos to trick your friends. 
  • Royal Ontario museum: Stop at the Ontario museum to look at the 13 million objects to the collection spread over 40 galleries. The things on display are dedicated to art, culture, and nature. You can be sure of visiting a place which is one of the best entertaining centers for the family. They exhibit an extensive collection of mummies, dinosaurs, Chinese architecture, and indigenous objects. You will enjoy the sight of Gordo the Barosaurus, one of the most significant dinosaur fossils present today. 
  • Hockey Hall of Fame admission:  You can visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Downtown Toronto. The admission ticket can grant you entry to the hall, where you will enjoy the most incredible collection of hockey artifacts, multimedia stations, theatres, and some larger-than-life statues. See the replica NHL dressing room and also the iconic Stanley cup.  You may try your hands at goaltending and shooting against some lifetime animated versions. You will enjoy all the themed exhibits. 
  1. Kensington market: Visit the Kingston market if you are fond of exploring a culinary tour. You will enjoy food worldwide, starting from international cuisines, Jamaican patties, and Tibetan momo. You will get a local guide and guarantee to skip the lines. You may visit them on Saturdays and Sundays when it works full-fledged. People of all ages and various backgrounds will enjoy the trip. 
  • Toronto distillery walking tour:  You will love to have time in the distillery district around Toronto. Your guide would take you around the area, explain to you the history of the Victorian architecture of industries, and share the anecdotes of development. Learn the story of becoming the largest distillery to date. You will love this tour if you have a keen interest in the city’s history and its course of becoming the center of development. 

You can explore the various restaurants in the city, including the one that allows you to have dinner in the sky at a restaurant at the CN Tower. This could be counted as one of the city’s finest locations and enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Ontario, harbor, and skyscrapers that define the skyline of Toronto. Taking care of the COVID situation is essential while you are booking tickets. Make sure you are fully vaccinated and abide by regulations while planning to explore a place.