Top Spots for Parascending in Tenerife

Parascending is one of the numerous activities that are growing increasingly popular as they allow you to engage in sports, have a thrilling experience, and enjoy gorgeous scenery. What is the mechanism behind it? Simple: a parachute is towed by a swift watercraft designed specifically for this purpose. While seated, all the participants should wear a security belt and harness.

The parachute will be then attached to the boat. Expert personnel supervise the action. The parachute is gradually raised and dropped, letting the participants to relax and enjoy the breath-taking view. It is usually a 10 min activity. Besides, you may solo or with your partner as per your wish. One more important point which you should know is, your age should be at least 16 to participate in Parascending Tenerife.

The best part about this popular sport in Tenerife is participants will be guided by an expert. Hence, they don’t have to worry about anything. When it comes to the equipment, their price will be included in the final price. Simply wear your swimsuit and follow the instructions of your expert. Remember that, weather condition should be right when practicing this activity.

You must know the parasailing equipment well, if you are trying it for the first time. You must understand how to use the fundamental tools to keep you safe in the air. Apart from the water Tenerife is famous for food too. Some of the popular food in Tenerife include goat cheese, Sancocho Canaria and fish, Ropa Vieja Canaria, and Gofio.

Children whose age is under 16, should bring an adult with him or her for parascending. If you have back discomfort, heart difficulties, or other serious medical concerns, you will be not able to participate. Even the pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this activity. Jet Skiing and Parascending are usually available at the same time through agencies. Both are worth a shot!

Some of the popular spots for Parascending in Tenerife include

  • There are so many agencies in Costa Adeje, which are famous for this activity. El Duque Beach and Torviscas Beach are the most popular.
  • This exhilarating experience is available at Playa de Las Americas! It is the Troya beach which is the starting point here.
  • It will be simple to discover a safe area to try parascending in Los Cristianos.

This place is also famous for wines. Tenerife’s wine is the island’s best-kept secret. Vineyards have thrived for generations on the island’s rugged environment and mineral-rich soil, producing outstanding delicious red wines. Wine tasting excursions are available at a number of vineyards on the island. Do taste the wines here with your friends and you will that experience.

Parasailing and parascending are same, and many people think that both of them are different. If you want to enjoy parasailing in Tenerife then do visit the website of Club Canary online. Here you can book the sport by simply paying certain deposit. This water sport has a great demand in Tenerife.

Do try the parascending in Tenerife and you will love that experience!