Five tips to keep in mind before buying your first yacht 

When buying a boat it is necessary to take into account some tips so as not to make mistakes when choosing. It is not an easy task since in many cases inexperience and lack of information can lead us to make a mistake or acquire a boat that really does not suit our wishes. Having the advice of an expert in the field to help us find the boat that suits our needs and tastes is essential. If you are considering buying your first yachts at affordable prices, or looking for selling your yacht, it is recommended to visit Dufour yachts. To begin with, there are some basic tips to consider before buying any boat.

What is the most important thing to consider before buying a boat?

What is your budget?

The budget for your boat is not only for the purchase. A boat needs mooring, maintenance, replacement of parts, insurance, etc. Most of them are expenses to be covered throughout the year, so the best idea is to make a global budget that includes everything with a 20% margin for contingencies.

Nautical experience

When buying a boat from Dufour yachts we must have even a minimum experience with boats. Boats need a lot of maintenance and you have to know how to navigate/handle them to enjoy them to the fullest. In the event that you do not plan to hire people to do it for you, it is best to start practicing as soon as possible.

Choose a reliable seller

Ask for the help of an expert to carry out all those procedures that can be complicated, such as inspecting the boat before buying it and to help you with the paperwork. Even if you have some experience in boats, having the approval of an expert will give you the assurance that you are making a good purchase, especially if it is the case of second-hand boats. As for the paperwork, a broker will make your management much easier since they will be in charge of collecting all the necessary information or drafting the contracts to make the purchase in a satisfactory and safe way. It is essential that all documentation is in order and available.

Beauty is not everything

Do not just consider aesthetics. The important thing is the built quality. Therefore, you have to take into account essential things such as the condition and possibilities of the engine, the solidity of the hull, paint, electronics and navigation, maintenance, etc. The same rule applies for the second hand yachts,

Does it fulfill your requirements?

Think about your needs carefully. Buying a boat is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you have to think carefully about everything you want from it. It is necessary that we think a priori what we are going to use the boat for, how often, our experience with it, etc.

They are also things to keep in mind if we would like to practice water sports, if we are fond of fishing or prefer to invite friends and family to go sailing on weekends. There is always a boat for every need, do not hesitate to weigh them all to get the best choice.