Spots for Fishing near Bangkok

Thailand has become one of the preferred destinations for fishing over the last few years. When you are planning a fishing trip in Thailand you can’t ignore Bangkok. You will enjoy a unique experience of world-class freshwater fishing in this capital city of ancient temples. There are diverse species of fish that you can hook, including Arapaima, Mekong Giant Catfish, and Giant Carp, in plenty of fishing spots in and around the city. There are resorts, national parks, ponds, dams, and lakes. Bungsamran and Jurassic are the two popular spots for fishing near Bangkok spots for their exquisite scenic beauty and wide range of fish.

Bungsamran Lake

You can find this legendary lake one hour drive away from Bangkok’s city centre in the district of Ban Kappi. A one-day fishing trip to this destination can guarantee you a Giant Siamese Carp weighing fifteen kilograms or more. Bungalows, platforms and bridges are the elements that comprise the main features of this spot. The lake ranges from three to eight meters and has multiple access points like a public area, shed, and private bungalows. The variety of fishes include Pacu, Chayo Phraya Catfish, Barramundi, and giant Mekong Catfish.

Jurassic mountain resort and fishing park

The establishment and opening of Jurassic Fishing Park was a decade ago due to the collaboration between two Thai fishing guide operators. The aim was to provide top-class services to the guests. You will be happy to know that the resort has been able to fulfil the objective by providing four-star facilities in the form of luxurious two-roomed private villas with a magnificent view of mountains and lakes. The lake comprises a noticeable species of fish water fish like the Amazon Redtail, Aarapaima, Alligator Gar, Pacu and some giant Carps. The breed of healthy fishes with a combination of amenities like a swimming pool, Jacuzzis, world-class restaurants and bar, this is surely a heaven for anglers near Bangkok.