Your Ultimate Boston Travel Guide: 2021 Edition

If you’re planning a trip to Boston in 2021, you’re starting the year off on a great note! As one of the most dynamic and lively cities of Massachusetts, Boston is a treat for both locals and tourists. 

If you’ve already visited Boston before, you probably have a good grasp on the most beautiful and well-known locations and landmarks of the city. If you’re a newbie, it’ll take some research for you to get up to speed. 

We’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up the top sites you should explore in Boston! Whether you’re visiting with your friends, family, partner, or on your own, you’ll manage to soak in the beauty, splendor, and eclecticism of the city through and through. Let’s get started!

1. Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden should be high up on your list of “places to visit.” Established in 1837, the Public Garden is one of Boston’s top tourist attractions, simply jump in a Featherston Taxi and you’ll be there in minutes. It features eye-catching floral patterns and a wide range of exotic plants. With colorful displays and fascinating exotic trees, Public Garden is a sight for sore eyes. 

As the largest and oldest botanical garden in Massachusetts, it shouldn’t be missed for anything. Keep an eye out for the gorgeous walking paths, statues, willow trees, and mesmerizing ponds. If you’re looking to engage in fun activities, you can ride one of their swan boats, feed the ducks, or have a blissful picnic near the captivating tulips.

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2. Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) is easily one of the most impressive and comprehensive art museums across the globe. Their collection comprises approximately 450,000 awe-inspiring works of art. Explore their paintings, drawings, jewelry, photographs, musical instruments, and much more for an in-depth refresher of forgotten history.

3. Quincy Market

You can’t visit Boston without heading to Quincy Market. Designed by notable architect Alexander Parris, Quincy Market came to life in 1826. Today, it’s one of Boston’s main tourist attractions. Quincy Market is known for its quintessential architectural style and mouthwatering food. 

Treat yourself to local treats from over 20 restaurants and 40 stalls. You can pick fresh fruit for breakfast, watch the talented street performers win over the crowds, and donate to a cause that’s close to your heart. Quincy Market has it all: laughter, joy, and soul. 

It’s a must-see for foodies and shopping aficionados. Make sure you treat yourself to Bostonian delicacies like clam chowder, baked beans, cannoli, frappes, lobster rolls, lobster mac and cheese, and Boston cream pie. Don’t miss these treats for anything!

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4. New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is one of Boston’s most well-known public aquariums. Visitors get a chance to touch Atlantic rays, cownose rays, and many more aquatic animals as they explore the sights and sounds of the aquarium. The New England Aquarium features a wide range of neat exhibits. Whether you’re looking to spot some penguins, turtles, stingrays, or octopuses, you’ll find it all! Have a blast with your kids, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures to preserve the beautiful memories.

5. Fenway Park

Fenway Park is one of Boston’s classic landmarks. The beloved major-league stadium has been home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team for almost 110 years! It’s a must-see for sports enthusiasts and people who love the expansive look of stadiums. 

Don’t forget to eat a Fenway Frank, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to catch a Red Sox game! There’s also a lot that you can do near Fenway Park. Visit the Red Sox team store, head to Baseball Tavern, and shop away at Commonwealth Avenue Mall. 

6. Back Bay

The Back Bay neighborhood is a delight for tourists. The gorgeous late nineteenth century neighborhood is known for its stunning design, romantic streets, Victorian homes, modern restaurants, and trendy boutiques.

Head to Boston Public Library, Boylston Street, Copley Square, Trinity Church, and Society of Arts and Crafts nearby. Once you’re at Back Bay, you’ll be able to find lots of fun places to visit and adventurous things to do. 

Make sure you take a few moments to soak in the eclectic neighborhood’s splendor. You won’t encounter one like this anywhere else!

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7. Samuel Adams Brewery

If you’re visiting Boston with your friends, you simply can’t miss Samuel Adams Brewery. As a must-visit for beer connoisseurs, the iconic brewery has lots to offer. While it may be the smallest brewery in the city, it’s the only one that offers public tours. 

Choose from their wide range of exciting tours to find something that’s right up your alley. Each tour is extremely affordable, so tourists can satiate their love for beer without hurting their travel budget. 

As you explore Samuel Adams Brewery, you’ll get a chance to learn more about the history of beer, the incredible brewing process, and the many stages of creating high-quality beer that tantalizes your taste buds. 

8. Castle Island

If you love stunning views of the shore, Castle Island is for you. It’s open to the public year-round and offers some of the most magnificent views ever. Whether you walk, jog, or simply sit and unwind at Castle Island, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of bliss, serenity, and peace come over you. It also offers play areas for kids and beautiful swimming beaches. 

Make sure you visit the granite Fort Independence to soak in the rich history of the place. In addition, treat yourself to the magnificent views of Boston Harbour. If you can make some time for a swim at the legendary Carson Beach, even better!

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