Top places in Puerto Escondido that should be in your bucket list

Puerto Escondido is a wonderful destination with superb food varieties, pristine beaches, shopping, wildlife, and uncountable things to explore. It isn’t surprising that this beach town in Mexico is getting huge crowds from different vacationers all over the world. Earlier, this place was famous amongst the Canadian ex-pats and the professional surfers but if you visit this place in recent times, you’ll see different kinds of travelers. From turtle conservation to night parties, Puerto Escondido has so much to offer. If you’re wondering what to do in Puerto Escondido, check out this article! Some of the best things have been outlined in this article which is enough to prove that this town offers much more than just surfing.

  • Swim with bioluminescent planktons– This is one of those activities which you cannot miss out on. Probably, swimming with the bioluminescent planktons is a popular activity in Puerto Escondido. You can enjoy this activity in the lake. These planktons look like colorful glitters inside the water which makes you feel as if you are swimming in a body of water that is shiny and glittering. However, make sure that you book your activities in advance so that you’re not overcharged. Online booking is the safest option as you get a detailed outline of the things that you’ll be getting.
  • Dolphin watching– Another interesting activity to do here is dolphin watching. Just a few miles from the shorelines, you’ll be able to see a pack of dolphins moving from one side to the other. These dolphins move together in groups to trap their prey. It usually takes around 3 to 4 hours for this activity. You’ll be having a boat with a seating capacity of 8 people and a guide. Along with dolphin watching, you can also find hundreds of sea turtles moving to the south to give birth to their calves and again migrating to the north with their babies. It takes around $45 USD for each person however the overall experience is worth it. Just a small tip that can be added here. You might feel seasick. So it’s better to carry few medicines with you from the local pharmacy.
  • Sportfishing- Puerto Escondido is an ideal location for trapping big fishes during particular seasons. Blue Marlin, which is 14 feet long, is the biggest fish that you can catch. However, you may also try out this activity for catching small fishes for eating like Tuna, grouper, etc.
  • Turtle release– One of the biggest projects in Puerto is Turtle conservation. The volunteers are in charge of monitoring the beaches surrounding Puerto Escondido and this is done to ensure that no turtle eggs are stolen by people who consume them. Playa Bacocho is the best destination to release baby turtles into the ocean. This entire project has a noble motive behind it. Before they give you the turtle, they’ll discuss with you the importance of the project as well as give you instructions on how to release them in the ocean. In short, the whole process is taken very seriously.
  • Explore the nightlife– Though Puerto Escondido is a small town, it has an amazing nightlife. The best destination is the Zicatela area as the main road runs parallel with the beach with a huge choice of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. For ladies, Canabrava is the best place and on weekends you can head to Barfly.

These are some of the amazing destinations that you can explore in Puerto Escondido. This is not the end of the list. As there are uncountable things to explore, it would be best if you plan your favorite places and book them in advance for a hassle-free trip.