Ha Giang in Vietnam: what to do and why to visit?

Welcome to Ha Giang, the northernmost province of Vietnam. It is a landscape of limestone and deep valleys that is the most impressive in the country and one of the most mystical in Southeast Asia. Not far from Sapa, Ha Giang is considered a less mainstream destination that has earned great fame. In recent years the number of visitors has increased dramatically and road conditions have improved, facilitating access to this remote part of the country.

Breathe taking landscape for travelers

Traveling these roads is not as easy as it seems. Many sections are still dangerous and poorly marked, leading to numerous accidents. Little explored territories, ethnic minority villages, roads through wild forests and breathtaking mountainous landscapes, this territory is ideal to be traveled by motorcycle. The circular route is approximately 350 kilometers long. The idea is to travel it in 4-5 days. The weather is best from March to May and from September to October, when the days are warm. Ha Giang is one of the wild, remote and also a little unknown areas of Vietnam.

What to do and visit in Ha Giang?

Ha Giang province has a rural economy. Developed communication is a dream. Instead of this, Ha Giang offers spectacular attractions and enough comforts that tourists search for. So if your intention is to visit an area of Vietnam not yet invaded by mass tourism and get into unknown territories, mark a stop in Ha Giang during your route through Vietnam.

Scenic and photographic tour

If you search online about the region you will surely read the term Ha Giang loop, which could be translated as “the return by Ha Giang”. Most visitors to this remote area of Vietnam do so to travel the famous 4C road that runs through the region, the most notable being the Ma Pi Lang Pass, a high mountain pass with breathtaking views. The entire route that links several cities in the province is called Ha Giang Loop.

Away from the traditional tourist routes

Being one of the poorest and probably the most rural areas in Vietnam, Ha Giang has the perfect picturesque landscape and soothing atmosphere. Frequent fogs, cool breeze, mountainous territory and low temperature in winter make Ha Giang one of the most chosen places among the travelers. However, it is hard to reach there, compared to other parts of the country. However, this isolation has given Ha Giang a personality of its own.