5 Advantages of becoming a professional flight attendant

 Once you have completed the course of a flight attendant, you are all set to apply for the role. Getting through the interview in good airlines could be competitive, but once you get through there is no looking back. Youngsters want to be a flight attendant [อยากเป็นแอร์โฮสเตส, which is the term in Thai]role to avail various benefits.

The career of a flight attendant offers you various perks and benefits. We agree that nothing is possible to achieve without hard work and sincerity. However, if you perform your roleselflessly, the benefits can be enjoyed sooner than in other companies.

5 Advantages of becoming a professional flight attendant:

  1. Fly at no cost:

One of the major advantages of joining as a flight attendant is that you fly at different places by paying nothing for the flight. You are a part of the airlines crew and thus you don’t pay anything to represent the industry.

  1. Perfect hotel stays:

When the flights halt, the cabin crew get to stay at excellent hotels. The entire staff is required to make a stay at a comfortable hotel if there is a halt between flights and shifts. What else could be perfect than this?

  1. Offers for family and loved ones:

Some airlines also give discounts on ticket bookings to the cabin crew’s family members and loved ones. They can also use their perks for bookings of their family members.

  1. Health insurance:

Get covered for health insurance. This would not be a common health insurance like other companies. The insurance coverage of a flight attendant is way better than an employee working on the ground staff.

  1. Travel different places:

How can we deny the most attractive benefit of traveling to different locations? As a flight attendant, you travel to different locations and countries. Some flight attendants at senior level also take halt in between their shifts for a short break.