Must-Visit Locations If you Are A Fan of japan anime 

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If you are crazy about anime, then Japan is undisputedly the place where you would like to go for a vacation. The nation is the birthplace of manga, anime, and video games. There are some awesome locations that you must visit if you love the anime. The Tokyo Anime Center is the ideal place if you want to indulge the passion for anime as the designs of the place get inspiration from the location is near the JR Akihabara Station and inside the Akihabara UDX Building’s fourth floor. You can listen to the regular live radio interviews with the various anime creators who share their views and experience along with the voice actors on how to make the characters so real. 

J-World Tokyo

If you have visited Disney World, then the J-World Tokyo will appear to be its smaller version, housing the Shonen Jump anime characters. There is an indoor amusement park at the Sunshine city of Ikebukuro, which hosts the biggest japan anime action franchises from every leading magazine like the Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z. The amazing atmosphere is going to enthrall you beyond imagination. You can experience the real-life recreation of the popular Going Merry from One Piece. The Ninja Ramen shop from the Naruto will also be a point of attraction. If you are a Toonami fan, then the place should be on the must-visit list. There are many fun activities too.

Pokemon Mega Center

If you are traveling with children, then don’t forget to visit Tokyos’pokemon Mega Center. You can buy endless Pokemon merchandise as you can’t simply control yourself from buying. You will get all the exclusive items that you can find only in Japan. For instance, the Pikachu-themed jelly drinks, matcha cookies, trading cards, rice bowls, sponges, and many more that you will love being an anime fan.