Why Private Jet Charter Is the Safest Way to Travel

There are many reasons why private jet charter is a popular choice for travelers. It’s a lot more luxurious and comfortable than flying on a commercial flight. On top of that, flying private is also much faster than a typical commercial flight, since waits at the airport are eliminated and private jets can fly direct rather than making stops for layovers.

There Are Fewer Incidents with Private Jet Charter

Some people may believe that private jets aren’t as safe because they’ve seen high-profile crashes on the news. However, these crashes made the news because of the celebrity passenger involved and also because of their rarity. Traveling on a private jet charter is actually safer than flying commercially for a variety of reasons. A charter flight in Orlando is actually the safest way to travel in that city.

Private Jet Charters Have Third-Party Safety Checks

Private jet brokers are able to distinguish themselves from their competition by ensuring that their passengers fly only on the safest aircraft available. Private jet operators will have inspections performed by third-party companies that are experts in that field. The reports from these safety inspections are available to brokers, who use them to determine which operators they’re comfortable using. When you book a private jet charter to Orlando, Florida, for example, you can rest assured that you’re traveling on the safest possible aircraft.

All Passengers Are Vetted Before the Flight

A risk that comes from flying commercially is that you don’t know who you’re flying with. There have been several very high-profile incidents of passengers hijacking planes, most notably the events of 9/11 with the World Trade Center in New York. That possibility doesn’t exist with a private jet charter, where all passengers are known to each other. On top of that, the private jet broker can perform a much more thorough background check on each passenger ahead of time because there are many fewer passengers to vet.

Crew Information Is Provided

The passengers aren’t the only people on the aircraft. When you fly on a private jet charter, the broker vets not only the passengers but the crew as well. Plus, if you fly private frequently, you may end up with the same crew more than once, which means they’ll know you and your preferences already, making your flight just that much more comfortable. When you book your private jet charter flight in Orlando, you’ll know that you’re in good hands.