Easy guide for first time yacht chartering

First of all, you need to decide the booking date as some destinations are seasonal. Charter flights in the Mediterranean are most popular between April and October, while charter flights in the Caribbean are most popular between November and April. The high and low season for yacht charters is time-based, but this is also reflected in the rental price.

Where are the most popular rental locations?

The most popular cruise ship destinations vary depending on the season. In summer, the Mediterranean is the most popular destination in the northern hemisphere. Places such as French Riviera, Balearic Islands, Corsica and Sardinia, Greek and Croatian islands are preferred. During the winter months, the Bahamas and the Caribbean are the best rental locations.

What rental experience do I want?

What kind of yacht rental experience are you looking for? If your primary goal is to relax and unwind, a cruise ship with on-board spa and masseuses is ideal. If your group is a family that needs a lot of activity, a cruise ship with lots of water toys, board games and maybe a dedicated movie room is ideal for you. Your charter broker will help you identify the cruises that have all the amenities you need.

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What types of cruises are chartered?

Think about the type of yacht that best fits the size and character of your charter party. For example, a modern motor yacht is ideal for leasing families with lots of space, whereas a sailing yacht would be a fantastic choice for a true enthusiast. Browse our yacht portfolio to better understand the most suitable ship for you and your charter party, or talk to a charter broker for an informal chat.

How long do I have to charter and how much does it cost?

Most rental times vary between seven and 14 days, with prices quoted per week. During the high season in July and August, as well as Christmas and New Year, prices are usually higher, while most cruises also have seasonally low prices for the rest of the year. Prices vary from cruise ship to cruise ship and reflect various factors such as size, year of manufacture and equipment on board.