Top Reasons why you should Reside in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong was colonized by the British rule until 1997 when it was handed over to China. Despite being a part of China, it has its judiciary system that is separate from mainland China.  Hong Kong has an average of 260 peninsulas and islands located at the mouth of River delta. Despite being distinct from mainland China, it is referred to as one of the parts of Greater China.

The city is exciting and vibrant due to its modern skyscrapers and many mountains in the area. It is also an international center that enjoys a tremendously high standard of living and minimal taxation rates. You can visit the region using Cathay Pacific as the rates are affordable.  

The top reasons why you should live in this amazing city include:

Gorgeous cityscapes

Hong Kong has a modern landscape that features unique and yet sophisticated views. The city and skylines’ structure is incredible, making the overall appearance of the town one of a kind. There also legendary viewpoints, modern skyscrapers, mountain terrains, and roaring waters.

The Victoria harbor gives the city an incredible background that resembles artistic art representation of a dream city. If you want a gorgeous city to live in a while enjoying modest and sophistication, this should be your only option.

Surrounding jungle nature

Hong Kong is surrounded by mountains, forests, oceans, and hills. The jungle nature that surrounds that city makes the serenity of the area unique. The surrounding forests add green spaces and fresh air to the people living in the city. 

If you love exploring natural sceneries while enjoying indigenous and rare plants’ view, the city offers just that. Despite having a surrounding jungle natural environment, the city is developed and has a very high population. Thus living in the town gives you a taste of modesty and jungle life.


The city is infamous for crimes or other fraudulent activities. It is ranked among the safest cities globally, and you can enjoy your social and business life without worrying about security issues. The culture of the people of Hong King encourages a family-oriented way of life. Such a culture discourages any forms of crimes, abuse, or any other violence between locals or visitors.

An incredible nightlife

Due to the high-security level in the area, it is possible to enjoy the nightlife in the incredible city. They are numerous bars and restaurants that act as entertainment joints during the night, and you get to enjoy wine, delicacies, and good music. The city is always busy seven days a week, making it more exciting to live and enjoy your money while investing in various business ventures. 


The city has an extensive ground that is composed of green spaces, islands, mountains, rivers, and hills. The playgrounds offer the locals and visitors a chance to enjoy numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, public swimming, and sunbathing.

They are also numerous water sports to engage in, such as surfing, windsurfing, and sailing. You will not get bored in the city as you can take your family and friends in various spots and make the most out of your time.

Exceptional beaches

The Hong Kong city has an ocean that features public and private beaches with beautiful sandy grounds.  The weather in this region is amazing, and you can enjoy the cold breezes from the sea.They are a variety of beaches that have modern restaurants, hotels, and accommodation facilities. You can enjoy your favorite water sport on the beaches, sunbathing, or walk in the sand while enjoying the sound of the roaring waters.

People of Hong Kong hold various events on the beaches and bonfires. The list of what you can do on the sandy beaches is endless, and the city gives you the option to enjoy decent beach life.


The city has an average of 11.000 restaurants that sell Asian cuisine and beverages. You can also find Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Lebanese, and Thai cuisines. They are also other numerous street foods that are very affordable.

They are restaurants that serve incredible beverages and well-brewed coffee. You have the freedom to select from numerous restaurants that offer impeccably high services and good accommodation. The rates of the foods and drinks are quite friendly for people from every background.


You may enjoy cheap flights to the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia in Hong Kong. Thus you can land to numerous destinations from the city for an epic holiday experience.  The town’s transport channels are elegant and reliable, and it’s possible to navigate the city in a hassle-free manner. 

Technology hub and financial hub

Hong Kong has people from diversified backgrounds and different parts of the world with exceptional skills and knowledge. They are numerous professionals who specialize in the technology industry, making it a technology hub. The city is also a financial hub with multiple financial institutions, major investments, and a potential niche for major advancements in various industries. 

Shopping centers

They are numerous shopping centers in the region offering diversified modern and ancient products. You can find all sorts of items in the area such as clothes, furniture, jewelry, art and gallery, and electronics.  You can get absolutely everything in this city without traveling to other cities since the town is self-sustained. The products are also high quality and well crafted to offer durability and 100% functionality.

Bottom Line

Hong Kong is one of the most amazing cities to live in due to the modest of the town and the city’s natural epic scenery.  The town is a gem, and you get to enjoy modern technology features, unique and world-class cuisines, and modern infrastructure. The city also has impeccable security offering total safety to the residents, visitors, and investors in the city.

Another unique feature of the city is its investment opportunities offering most investors a town with a chance of growth and prosperity. If you are looking for a city with great things to offer, you should consider moving to Hong Kong and becoming a permanent resident.