How will you be able to stop unwanted follow requests on Instagram?

If you are trying to grow your Instagram account and become successful, you will have to follow a few rules and regulations. Those who want to grow the number of their followers; can get free Instagram followers by contacting the legit source.

Those who are trying to grow their Instagram business account should do some basic steps which will help them. Just like you have to know the ‘to do stuff’, you will also need to know about the ‘not to do stuff’. Unfortunately, you will find thousands of articles on the internet about the ‘to do stuff’, but you won’t get much information about the opposite one.

To protect your personal account on Instagram, you need to know whom to follow and whom not to follow. You shouldn’t just accept any follow requests you get. Sadly, Instagram doesn’t have the option to block unwanted requests fully. 

Even after you block an account, you will be able to see that accounts thumbnail and basic info on your blocked list. In this article, we will talk about some tips which will help you to minimize getting the unwanted follow requests on Instagram.

A private account is the first step

Even if it seems like an ordinary step for you, later you will find that you are in control of things like accepting or rejecting follow requests. Also, it will help you when you are going to use a hashtag, your name won’t be showing on strangers feed. Scammers or sketchy users who search for popular posts and hashtags to find accounts to follow, will not be able to reach you.

Notice what they are doing on Instagram

Just like Facebook, Instagram is also a platform based on an algorithm. When you or your kids opening a new account, it might start getting a bunch of follow requests. When you follow someone, their posts come to your feed and the same thing happens if you accept a follow request.

If you want to limit these things, you need to be careful who you are following and where you are commenting on. As you don’t want to attract unwanted eyes, so you need to be careful about a few things. When you get a follow request, if you don’t know the person personally, you need to look to that account and see what his feeds look like. 

This way you will be able to realize which account is legit and which isn’t. Also, you have the option to access free Instagram followers for your business account if you want.

Turn of the suggestions of those accounts which are similar

If you are worried about your child’s Instagram account, you can turn off the section that suggests similar accounts. For that, go to the Edit Profile section and uncheck the box that lets Instagram suggest the account to other people who follow similar accounts.

Also, this way Instagram will also get this idea that which accounts they should suggest to other similar accounts.