6 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in a Cairo Trip

Cairo is a beautiful megacity of high noise and traffic and a magnificent centuries-old history. This place, with its enormous number of attractions, is a significant part of any trip to Egypt. Let’s find out the best attractions that tourists love in Cairo.

The Pyramids Of Giza

These are the numero uno tourist destination of all Cairo day tours. There are numerous 40,000-year-old (and above) pyramids in Giza. The smallest one is the Pyramid of Mycerinus (Pyramid of Menkaure). The Pyramid of Chephren (or Pyramid of Khefre) is the second-largest pyramid. The largest is the Pyramid of Cheops (Pyramid of Khufu or the Great Pyramid). The enigmatic Sphinx looms over the Giza as if to guard these royal structures.

Egyptian Museum

The breathtaking and extensive antique collection makes Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, one of the world’s most beloved museums. Tutankhamun Galleries here displays the treasures straight out of the tomb of the famed ruler- from the mummy, mask, sarcophagi, throne, jewelry to the wardrobe.

Old Cairo

This place is the earliest settlement of the region, rich in Islamic, Christian, and Jewish influences. Mosques, museums, and churches fill the old lanes here. Coptic Museum contains exceptional collections of Egyptian Coptic Art. The region also houses Mosque of Amr Ibn al-As, the first Egyptian mosque. The Hanging Church also showcases marvelous Coptic architecture. It is named so because the church stands over Roman gate towers.

AL-Azhar Mosque

It is not only one of Cairo’s earliest surviving mosques, but also one of the world’s oldest universities. This prime landmark attracts millions of visitors per year. The gateway ‘Gate of the Barbers’ allows visitors to enter the monument. It gives them a glimpse at the majestic architecture, as well as the 5 minarets. Many visitors often sit and pray in the central hall (which spans a vast 3000 square meters). 


Zamalek district, of the Nile island Gezira, is home to Cairo’s majority of the restaurants, hotels, and bars. The neighborhood has a European vibe in its architecture- from wide boulevards to posh Belle Époque mansions. Zamalek is also known for its boutiques and art exhibitions. The exhibitions in the Palace of Arts and the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art are quite a hotspot.

A Nile Cruise

A Nile cruise has always been a part of any Cairo day tours (even night ones). The river banks are home to most of the attractions. You can choose between floating restaurants, cruise boats, and even a felucca for the trip to experience the tranquility of the same river on which Cleopatra sailed many centuries ago.