5 Benefits Of E-Bikes

In essence, e-bikes are bicycles with an electric motor and battery attached to it. Designs of e-bikes are not standardised, they may have front, mid or rear motors. These e-bikes also have controllers to manage electric currents and various electronic components. With the on-board computer, cyclists may monitor power consumption, remaining battery charge, distance travelled, speed and more. Depending on the e-bike model, it may work like a moped and no human intervention is needed. In pedal models, cyclists still need to pedal, but it’s easier and less effortful than using regular bikes. It will also be much less tiring when you need to bike uphill.

Let’s take a look at some important benefits of riding an e-bike from Mate Bike:

It’s Eco-Friendly- compared to cars or motorbikes, e-bikes are an absolutely cleaner solution. They have zero emissions and can significantly reduce your annual carbon footprint. Most of our trips are less than four kilometers. E-bikes are even more eco-friendly if you charge them using green energy, like solar power.

Easier To Cycle Uphill- cycling uphill can be physically exerting and if you need a little assistance, having an e-bike is certainly helpful. The quiet electric motor will give you a gentle push, making cycling far less tiring, regardless of the inclination.

It Keeps You In Shape- although e-bikes are easier to ride than regular bikes, you will still need to keep your balance and propel yourself using the pedals at times. It’s good physical exercise and you get the extra push only when needed.

Easier For Commuting- if you have been commuting with a regular bike, you should consider getting an e-bike for easier commuting. It will be less tiring and you won’t be as sweaty, especially if you need to go to work. If your commuting distance is 5k or less, e-bikes are an ideal option.

More Appropriate For Elderly- biking can be hard on old joints. E-bikes are ideal for elderly who want to continue cycling without experiencing discomfort. Rough terrain and steep ascents can be a bit too challenging for elderly riders. E-bikes ease stress on ligaments, tendons, and joints. This means, the elderly could continue staying healthy and fit.

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