Taking Advantage Of Social Media During The COVID-19 Lockdown

If your travel related business is beginning to feel the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic, keep in mind that you are still in for a bumpy ride ahead. Even after travel restrictions are lifted, tourism will be sluggish as travellers are weary of visiting new places. This will be the general consensus for at least 6 months, experts say, as the industry ‘resets’ itself. Until then, travel companies can focus on improving their business and adding new services that can help them grow and remain sustainable in an uncertain industry.

For example, travel company owners who don’t yet have their ATOL Licence, can focus on getting their licence and becoming an ATOL Consultant, or even an IATA Consultant or ABTA Consultant. This will give them more credibility within the industry and drive more business their way.

Another thing that they can do is to focus on staying relevant on social media. There are many things that a travel company owner can do to stay active on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Ways To Take Advantage Of Social Media During The COVID-19 Lockdown

Facebook- there are more than 90 million small businesses on Facebook, and travel related companies are a big part of that. Using the built-in advertising features of Facebook, these companies have been able to generate revenue. With the Automated Ads, Business Resource Hub, Appointments, and other useful tools, your small business can perform better on Facebook. Even though your travel company is closed for the COVID-19 lockdown, you can still use these tools to engage with potential customers and let them know that you will still be available to serve their travel needs when businesses reopen and travel restrictions are lifted.

Instagram- Instagram has many features designed to assist small businesses and help them boost their sales. From fundraiser stickers, gift cards, and Instagram Stories, to posting travel related images and video content, Instagram is making it easy for travel companies to showcase their services during the COVID-19 lockdown.

YouTube- creating high quality videos and posting them on YouTube is easier than ever thanks to YouTube’s Video Builder Tool. It’s a free tool that let’s small business owners create video content and upload it to the site.

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