Batam Island: Why It is The Best Destination to Travel in Indonesia

Indonesia is an Island destination where you can find different beautiful islands to visit. While Batam, Bali and Bintan are most popular as tourist destinations of Indonesia, in this article we will discuss the reasons why Batam is the best of all. There are many reasons to admire Batam as an amazing island to spend your next holiday!

Here are the reasons to visit Batam!

Enjoy the local food

Batam is also known for its much cheaper seafood than Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. The Island’s best seafood restaurants include SeiEnam Seafood, Rezeki Seafood and Harbor Bay Seafood. If you are looking for specialties, try snacks such as pepper crab, black shell, crab and crispy squid known in the area. Here you can enjoy other underwater flavours such as juicy shrimp and lobster rice. You can also try the junk and usual food items here. Everything tastes delicious and made to

Plan your Batam itinerary and pack your luggage to visit this tropical island. Be sure to check with a tour operator in order to find the best itinerary for you. Don’t forget to choose a beautiful and comfortable hotel too.

Here are some more reasons!

Have fun with water sport

Water skiing is also available in other places, such as Singapore, but you can enjoy water skiing and many other games at Batam at a low price. Batam Cable Park is one of the best options.

Activities offered here include canoeing, water skiing and diving, but you can also visit famous resorts such as Batam View Beach Resort.

Enjoy the fun at Ocarina Park

Ocarina Park is an excellent place for the whole family. This is a large entertainment facility like Ocarina Water Park. The park has many distinctive features like the Ferris wheel and attracts not only adults but children of all ages. There are 3D cinemas and several dining areas where you can dine in the park. Bring your family and have fun.

Unforgettable Shopping fun at Batam

There are many other reasons for us to mention Batam Island as the best destination to visit in Indonesia. Batam makes Indonesia a wonderful travel destination in Indonesia. Other than that it is a paradise for shoppers. Be it branded items or even a cheap beautiful souvenier, you will not find it boring when you shop in Batam. Nagoya Hill shopping mall and Batam City Centre are the best of all.

Finally, Batam is an Indonesian island that you must include in your trip to this wonderful country of Asia. You will never regret of it!