You Can See The Nazca Lines From Google Earth

The Nazca Lines are becoming more and more popular in the world, because Peru is investing more and more in its programs to attract tourists at a global level. 

Its geographical position in South America is advantageous, because it is surrounded by all the countries of the region, it has the United States nearby, and it is necessary to emphasize that for the American tourists Peru is a very good country to do tourism, because it is cheap. 

In Europe and Asia, the existence of these mysterious Lines with figures of Humans, Animals, Plants and more is becoming more and more known. Between Spain, France and Italy represent a large percentage of visitors to Nazca. 

Now, this destination is very well known but not everyone can enjoy it immediately and it is so intriguing that people begin to investigate and conclude with the question “Is it possible to see the Nazca Lines on Google Earth?”

The answer is certain, yes, they can be seen from Google satellites but how much and how many… In fact you can see several lines, but getting them in the large extension in which they are distributed is quite difficult. 

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