Exploring Thailand – Pattaya The Most Popular Vacation Getaway For Travelers

It is no surprise for Pattaya to be the most popular tourist destination of Thailand. It offers beautiful beaches and there is so much going on which lets on numerous opportunities for the international travelers to keep their hands full. There is something to do for people of all ages. The modernization and the transformation of the land due to increased tourism hasn’t stopped the land from retaining its original culture and history. In the ancient days, Pattaya was just a small village and remained until around the ninety sixties. It was when some service official from America accidentally discovered the village when they were looking for a calm place to relax. This was all during the Vietnam war. Not much later the village started receiving interested tourists from different parts of the globe. The people responsible for Pattaya were quick to establish optimal accommodations in the form of  Pattaya hotels and transportation facilities for these visitors.

The unique cultural history of Pattaya that still mesmerizes tourists.

The local and original inhabitants of the village of Pattaya still practice an ancient tradition. It involves building a spirit house in the form of a small shrine to provide shelter for the spirits looking for a home. They replicate the temples of Thailand the only difference is that they are smaller in scale. The destination has a rich collection of beautiful temples and shrines which are popular stops for the visitors to be amazed by the architecture and vibrant colors. The phra tamnak hill is an unparalleled natural beauty and a popular place where visitors can see the giant golden statue of the great buddha. The wat yansangwararam temple is one of the most culturally important temples of Pattaya because it hosts several important Buddhist relics.

The best way to enjoy what Pattaya has to offer is to stay at this hotel

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