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Most Popular Beaches on Belize

Enjoy Yourself at Belize Beach Resorts

Belize Beach Resorts offer some of the best resorts and some of the most beautiful beaches for relaxing, exploring the coral reefs while snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming. The beaches are located near one of the resorts, so it is easy to find a place to stay. Check out some of these beautiful resorts and the magnificent beaches in Belize.

Barefoot Perfect Placencia Peninsula

Placencia Peninsula is mainland Belize’s largest expanse of beach. It’s a most popular sea and sand getaway and it expands across 3 different villages. This stretch of beach is open to everyone who would like to spend some leisure time on the beach in the sun. The section of the beach that goes by Placencia Village has several bars and restaurants along its golden sandy shoreline. The beaches that are along the quiet Seine Bight and Maya Beach both have fine, white sand that is perfect for sunning and just relaxing.

Hopkins Village Beach is a 5-mile beach

This beach is an uninterrupted, quiet beach that is fringed by homes of some of the locals, colorful guesthouses, tall coconut trees, and some local eateries for you to choose from for your next meal. The water along the beach is clear and refreshing to swim in and for snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of the sea. You can bike on over to False Sittee to see a glorious, bare stretch of beaches. While in the area, make sure that you spend some time enjoying and learning about some of the cultures of the area.

Stunning and surprising Half Moon Caye

With heavenly views of the Caribbean waters and the crescent-shaped beach that has magnificent white sand that is dotted with coconut palms. The untouched beach is without all the frills of most beaches there is a protected turtle-nesting site. The other half of the caye has an area that lines the shores that is a forest that is home to the protected red-footed booby sanctuary. Go to the forest side of the caye and climb to the top of the observation tower and do some bird watching while enjoying the view.

Island of Ambergris Caye near San Pedro

The beach of Ambergris Caye has plenty of sand to enjoy lying on and relaxing. The seagrass that populates the shores of the beach is due to the beautiful barrier reef that is a half-mile away. Therefore it is not a spot where you can swim. This beach is a perfect place for sunning and relaxing. In front of the resort that is right, there is the perfect spot for sunning and swimming with its clear waters to enjoy and its raked sand.

The Stunning South Water Caye

The sand is soft, soothing and powdery white, which is great for relaxing in the sun. The beach is dotted with a path of coconut trees and hammocks to lie in and relax. The cabanas of the local resort, which is right next to the beach, are a beautiful place to stay. They offer a stunning view of the reef and the beach that you can see from your private balcony. You can sit on the balcony and take a nap under the stars while enjoying the night air.

Beaches on Laughingbird Caye and Silk Cayes

The island of Laughingbird Caye and the two islands of the Silk Cayes are home to beaches that are less than a mile long. These islands are 11 miles from Placencia and they are just a few minutes from each other. The three islands are situated in marine reserves. Visitors are not allowed to spend the night there, although you can spend the day by the Caribbean Sea sunning or exploring the rich marine life in the waters of the coastline.

Glover’s Reef Atoll on the Island of Southwest Caye

The island of Southwest Caye has beautiful, wide and virtually crowd-free beaches for you to enjoy. You can enjoy the coral reefs here at Glover’s Reef. Glover’s Reef has the most wondrous areas in Belize to snorkel and to dive to see the magnificent reefs and sea life. There are wooden cabanas and villas, which are part of the local resorts, that you can rent to spend your nights relaxing after an exciting day.

These beautiful islands and their beaches are the perfect spots to spend your vacation. Each spot has a beautiful resort close by where you can stay. All of the Belize beach resorts are within walking distance to the beaches. Sandy Point Resorts is one of the resorts that are in that area. Each of the resorts has wonderful amenities to offer. So, check out one of the most popular beaches and the beautiful resort that is close to them for your next vacation.