Bali can be an absolute ball even if you are on a budget

Bali is one of the most beautiful destinations I have ever been to. With a reputation preceding itself, the island boasts of pristine beaches partnered with a vast expanse of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. I visited Bali in September, right after the peak summer season and was welcomed with bright sunshine and tolerable temperatures.  Holiday in Bali is an experience of a lifetime.  Be it a romantic holiday or a family holiday,  Bali is a delightful experience for all ages

Regions of Bali

Kuta is one of the most popular localities of the city with a vibrant nightlife, shopping district and hordes of restaurants where you can indulge in the delicious traditional cuisine. Vegetarian options are fairly limited but for the carnivores, it was paradise!

Seminyak is another buzzing neighbourhood with some of the fanciest beach resorts and hotels such as the W. Located right on the beach, Woo bar is a must visit for those cocktail lovers. La Favela is a spectacularly designed restaurant which turns into a bustling bar after 10pm. Seminyak also boasts of some stunning villas with private pools having the best pool cleaner 2020 is highly recommended for you for those travellers who like luxurious accommodations. Potato head and Kudeta are beach clubs in and around this neighbourhood, which make for great day time pool parties. The food in all these places is absolutely insane and some must items to try are the grilled pork belly, salmon and cream cheese sushi along with the spicy ramen soups.

Ubud was on the other side of the island and a complete contrast to the other beach-rich areas. With a rain-forest like vibe, I was stunned by the exoticism of Ubud. The monkey forest is archeologically designed where my friend and I fed the friendly monkeys – unlike those purse snatchers back in India. I ended up eating the local beef rendang at one of the shacks overlooking the main street while I engaged in some people-watching while I relished my meal. Ubud is green with a plush landscape partnered with a hilly terrain. Local dance shows are hypnotising and I witnessed two of them while there.

Nusa Dua was my final stop where I stayed at the Westin – a property one absolutely must visit. The beach cafes, Japanese restaurants, yoga classes on the lawn along with two beautiful swimming pools, this hotel is probably one of the best I have ever stayed at. The spa service was amazing as the people were very friendly and welcoming – no wonder the service industry in Bali is booming!

For Indian travellers, Bali is convenient as it doesn’t require us to have visas and the cost of living is so cheap. I felt like a millionaire there due to the exchange rate. However, you will get the best rate when exchanging $100 crisp notes as opposed to other currencies.

Currency & Insurance

The currency of Bali is Indonesian Rupiah.  You can buy Indonesian Rupiah before leaving India through any forex dealer.  You can also carry a forex card for Bali.  It works at most ATMs for cash withdrawal and you can also use it like a regular debit card to shop for things or pay at restaurants etc.

It is advisable to take travel insurance when you are traveling overseas.  I took an Asia Travel Insurance Plan for Bali which provided me with adequate medical and accidental coverage throughout my trip.  It also offered coverage against adventure sports, which is usually not available with all insurance plans.

The water-based activities such as snorkelling, diving, kayaking, banana boat rides and paragliding were some I indulged in and they gave me mesmerising views of both under and over the ocean. The marine life is relatively untouched and I saw a display of colours I have never seen before.  There is absolutely no dearth of things to do in Bali as long as you are adventurous,  like I was

Cruising is another favourite in Bali.  There is a plethora of cruise ships that carry passengers from and to Bali.  Major cruising ports in the region ferry cruise ships to Bali.  So, you can cruise from Singapore to Bali or Cruise from Bali to Perth.  If you do not want to leave Bali, you can simply take an overnight cruise off the Bali coast or a simply dinner cruise in the evening.

Food scene in Bali is incredible.  You get all kinds of restaurants in Bali serving all kinds of cuisine.  They are not expensive and you can comfortably eat at street food joints where the food tastes even better.  We even visiting a few Indian restaurants in Bali and the food was yummy

Since its close proximity to Australia, there are a large number of ozzie tourists enjoying the beach life on this beautiful island. Being entirely cosmopolitan, this island sees a huge influx of tourists from all over the globe. I would definitely recommend a beach holiday in Bali for a relaxed holiday which will provide you paradise like views of its natural grandeur along with the alluring taste of local culture.