Parenting Made Easier with Bike Boot Wheel Locking System

At times parents need to control the access of their children to scooters, bicycles, skateboards, and other wheeled items. If the children spend so much time with these transports without accomplishing the chores that you have assigned to them or if they leave their bikes in the yard, Bike Boot is the best option for you. Bike Boot locks the wheels of the bicycles, scooters and other things that have wheels to restrain the children from using them when you do not need them to.

Why Bike Boot?

Bike Boot wheel locking system is a system that each parent should be having because:

  • It gives you an easy way for discipline
  • It enables your kids to focus on other tasks
  • It makes the children listen to you
  • Bike Boot makes your yard tidy by ensuring that the children place the bikes away properly
  • The system reduces your frustration and helps you maintain your cool

Bike Boot serves best to:

  • Instill safety and etiquette for stress-free discipline
  • Increase the concentration of your children on the tasks that you want them to finish
  • Incentivize chore completion
  • Penalize whoever leaves their skateboards or bikes in the yard

Bike Boot is also expertly designed for many items with wheels ranging from skateboards, scooters, hoverboards, bicycles to anything that has wheels.

It is so easy to use Bike boot. You simply take the system from the wall, clamp it around any wheel in question, and set a four-digit code to lock it. There are no keys that you need and so no worry of loss.

You can easily mount the Bike Boot on a wall at a low profile to allow for easy access and keeping it out of the way.

The Bike Boot is exceptional and unique from a Bike Lock. It aids in discouraging the negative living environment and encourages the positive one. The system gives the parents the power to control the children’s energy and imagination in a positive way which has a good structure that impresses. Your child no longer doubts that their freedom lies within your hands as a parent.

Who should use Bike Boot?

The goodness with Bike Boot is that a wide range of people can use it starting with the parents that have kids of 4 to 16 years of age, families in general, families with garages, and parents with active kids. Apart from the family set up, Bike boot is so functional with teachers, babysitters, community leaders, and class instructors.

In brief, Bike Boot ensures that;

  • The rebellious teens and pre-teens are disengaged from any mode of transportation out of curfew. As a parent, you protect your children from unnecessary jaunts without your supervision.
  • All the rules and directions that the parents give are not just empty threats.
  • Your teens and preteens do not go far without your supervision since the bikes will remain locked after the curfew time
  • You can instill reverse psychology in your children or even motivate them to complete chores.

There no more illegal parking, safety violation, insubordination, and being impolite with Bike Boot.