How to perfectly plan for a family trip to Israel

If you are planning to visit Israel with family, the spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October) are the best months to travel to Israel when temperatures are pleasant. It has various places that you can visit with family. It has desert perfect for hiking, historical places, archeological ruins of Roman amphitheaters, art galleries, food markets, museums, synagogues, mosques, and churches.

Our travel agency help you plan your family trip to Israel with personalized experience for a family trip to Israel, including packing recommendation, necessary paperwork, accommodation, travel schedule and itinerary, etc.  Explore Jerusalem – the oldest city of Israel with the holiest sites, the Dead Sea – the lowest point on Earth, the Galilee, and more while being inspired by the knowledge of our team who is friendly and passionate about their work.

The most important thing to consider

The first and most important thing to consider while traveling to Israel or any other country is to plan. Know as much as could about the country you are visiting beforehand. If you have some extra budget at your disposal, it is advisable to opt for a private family tour to Israel.

While being at Israel, you can enjoy the diversity of cultures and people from different religions living together. Don’t feel surprised if you see people wearing hijab taking pictures near Christmas tree. The harmony and love between humans are what makes this region so special. You can go and visit local markets, food area or have shawarma from the local shwarma corner.

Israel is relatively a hot place so if you are coming from a cold country, it is always better to visit Israel in the spring season and still bring some warm clothes.


If you are coming with kids and family to Israel, there are plenty of places you can visit including the Night spectacular at the tower of David Museum that showcase the beautiful moving images on the ancient wall and dinner with locals to experience the traditional Friday evenings in Israel.

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