Transportation and Waste Disposal Regulation

This really is Illustration of Transportation and Waste Disposal Regulation on Construction Site.

(1)Any generators of wastes shall result in transporting wastes towards the designated disposal location or even the treatment facilities.

(2)Any wastes might not be transported outdoors the boundary from the construction site with no written approval through the designated responsible personnel of primary contractor and also the subcontractors, based on the gate control regulation.

(3)Hazardous waste will be transported through the designated and registered transporter towards the designated pre-treatment and/or treatment facilities. All vehicles and containers accustomed to transport hazardous wastes will be built, operated and maintained so that discharge of fluids, litter, dust, solid or odor are avoided during transit. Containers of hazardous wastes will be guaranteed during transportation to avoid movement or dislodgement under normal operating condition.

(4)Non-hazardous industrial wastes, construction scarp, and living wastes will be segregated and transported through the registered transporter or by generator themself towards the designated disposal locations or even the treatment facilities.

(5)The civil Subcontractor shall get rid of all surplus civil material, for example excavated soil, concrete debris, gemstones, etc., straight to the designated dump location in the supply of materials.

(6)All wastes will be packaged in proper waste containers or correctly engrossed in canvas sheet during transportation, based on the nature and form of the wastes, so they won’t drop, spill or leak.