Friction Transporters

The friction transporter is also referred to as the vibratory conveyor or scrap shuttle, and may offer different benefits within the traditional pneumatic conveyors and belt conveyors. A few of these benefits include:

· Very economical

· No air consumption / low noise that is typically below 70dba

· Swing away and quick release units

· Quick clamps for fast elimination of trays

· Quick clean trays as needed within the food industry

· No mechanical springs with no conveyor belts to fail make friction transporters very reliable

· 4.5 metres/minute product transport

· Weight of trays 30Kg maximum

· Continuous cyclical motion ensures really low maintenance

Belt conveyors frequently fail because of scrap or components/products making their way underneath the belt, and during a period of time this could damage the belt which might finish up beyond repair.

Pneumatic kinds of conveyor have been discovered to become hard to rely on when low quality air is provided for them, and in some cases they aren’t as robust as vibratory conveyors designed to use an electro/mechanical gear box.

Electro/mechanical units are usually designed for the press shop, and therefore are strong robust units having a gear box by having an eccentric gear which drives the scrap material within the forward position after which quickly returns. It conveys the fabric or components/products by using this action at four occasions per second, and conveys the fabric horizontally and doesn’t need to be inclined or tilted. This will make it well suited for press tools where space for scrap material might be limited.