Adventure Sports in Ladakh

The mystical land of Ladakh offers an array of adventure sports for that visitors. The topographical options that come with the hill town offers an excellent possibilities for undertaking enjoyable adventure activities.


The rugged landscapes and breath-taking hilly terrains of Ladakh offers numerous trekking routes for that travelers. Outside enthusiasts can indulge themselves in trekking to understand more about some beautiful villages and monasteries enroute. The primary trekking areas in Ladakh includes Indus Valley, Kargil and Zanskar. The Chaddar trek route in Zanskar valley is among the most enjoyable trek on the planet, full of thrill and pleasure. Best season for trekking in Ladakh comes from mid June to mid October prior to the snowfall begins.

Trekking in Ladakh is one of the most preferred options for beginners as well as for the professionals as it has something for everyone. Chadar trek is something for experts whereas other treks like Markha valley trek suits perfectly for beginners.

White-colored Water Rafting

The meandering Indus and Zanskar Rivers would be the perfect venues for rafting enthusiast to savor white-colored water rafting. The expedition is principally organized from This summer to September as in this season water degree of river increases because of melting of ice. The quick-flowing rivers are wonderful delight for that rafters to savor the gushing waves and obtain themselves wet, which increase the fun for their Ladakh tour. They are able to raft from the point near Hemis to Choglamsar or another choice is from Nimmu to Phey. Rafting within the vast stretches of Indus river supplies a breathtaking look at Gompas. Rafting from Nimmu is specifically for that serious rafters because the river goes through a narrow gorge, entailing some Grade II and Grade III rapids.


Mountaineering in Ladakh is definitely an enthralling experience. The location offers numerous challenging alps and peaks for mountaineer. Climbers can also enjoy mountaineering around the amazing hilly ranges including Khangiri, Nun, Stokkhangri, Kun, Konglacha Peak, Gulap Matho West, Kantaka and much more. Before setting an expedition to rock climbing in Ladakh, the experience enthusiasts need to take permission in the India Mountaineering Federation in Delhi. The optimum time to go to Ladakh for mountaineering comes from mid June to mid September.